Work Training

To complement our Management Training Programme we give students the opportunity every year to practice what they have been trained for.

HTMi manage our network of over 200 hotels, restaurants and bars which annually employ our students. We organise interviews, prepare students, and finally sign a Swiss Government employment contract which covers all aspects of student salary and welfare.

Salaries are a minimum of Sfr 2,180 gross per month, and employers will normally provide accommodation and food.

Work Placement Details

During the second half of each year for the Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma, HTMi will place students in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland for 20 Weeks.

The students will receive minimum gross wages worth Sfr 2,180 per month from which a minimum tax is deducted. In addition, the employer will normally deduct an amount to cover food, accommodation and insurance. On average students should expect to keep a minimum of Sfr 1,000 per month for pocket money.

The main point of the work placements in Switzerland is to practise learned skills, but most importantly we call this the growing up period for our students. Our students really appreciate the self-development gained from Swiss hospitality work experience.