Student Testimonials

What HTMi Graduates Says

In Switzerland HTMi's strategy is to place all students in quality hotels and some in restaurants which meet 4 - 5 star hotel standards. These Swiss internship work placements combined with our training and education are an excellent first step in the world of work, and of course then we lead all of our professional students to be successful graduates in the international hotel and tourism industry.

HTMi is also delighted to arrange international placements for students before they graduate.

"My name is Bob. I would like to start by saying many THANKS to HTMi for giving me a future in the hospitality industry.

I completed the Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree back in spring 2008, awarded by the University of Ulster, which is one of the most well known Universities in the UK After leaving HTMi I had the chance to work in F&B Management in a new luxury boutique hotel called 'The Club at The Saujana' in Malaysia; this is part of the GHM Company that came to HTMi along with some other big hotel companies to recruit fresh hospitality graduates. This has given us an opportunity to start our careers straight away after school, to join top hotel companies around the world!

I am currently working in the Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur in Rooms Division Management and have progressed as Guest Relations Supervisor, to Front Office Guest Service Agent to Sales Executive."

Bob Nazim Talib, Malaysia
Sales Executive, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

"I started my Post Graduate Diploma course and continued with the MBA course at HTMi, and then finally, graduated in the HTMi Train-the-Trainer Diploma course.

After leaving HTMi, I was offered a Front Office Duty Manager position in Citrus Hotel, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the management of a Bangkok-based company, Compass Hospitality. My 1st year in HTMi had helped to develop the right attitude for the industry, and then, I would say it was the Train-the-Trainer course that had most helped me to gain my career and the position I am now in.

After 1 112 years with in a 3-star hotel, I decided to move on to a company with better reputation, and here I am, a Front Office Duty Manager in Malaysia's well-known 5-star hotel, Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Centre."

William Gan, Malaysia,
Front Office Duty Manager, Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

"Dear all, I am happy, to share with you my passion and gratitude to the HTMI family.

My Name is Vasanthi, and I am from Malaysia, after graduating in 2010 from HTMI (Hospitality and Tourism Management Institute, Switzerland) I started my career in Shangri-La, and then found my true calling in The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore when I joined in February 2011 as Guest Services Agent.

I was promoted after only eight months to Learning Coach, then Rooms Controller in June 2012 and Guest Services Supervisor in August 2013.

Recently, I was honored by the words of my manager: “A fast-track career for a passionate hospitality individual with great potential for a leadership role within The Ritz-Carlton Company, she is now taking a new challenge as Assistant Groups and MICE Manager, leading a young and energetic team of Ladies and Gentlemen”.

My Success would have never been possible without my education and excellent training by HTMi. If you would like to know more about my experience and HTMi, feel free to ask!

All the best of luck for your future!"

Vasanthi Prabakaran, Malaysia
Assistant Groups and MICE Manager, The Ritz-Carlton

"I feel so nervous! Did I make the right choice? I miss home!” Those were my thoughts 3 years ago when I first came to HTMi. It is amazing how fast time flew and here I am, a Malaysian girl, studying my final semester, Bachelor of Science (Hons).

Having just completed my final government examination in secondary school, I was unsure about what to pursue as my tertiary education. All the possibilities were right in front of me and none of which seem to catch my attention. I continued searching until one day my best friend, Eunice, introduced me to an agent who then familiarised me with the hospitality industry and in detail, HTMi. As the agent was explaining more about the courses in HTMi, the more I find myself attracted to the program. Cutting the story short, that is how I ended up in HTMi.

During my time in HTMi, not only have I learnt how to carry plates, open a wine bottle, reference an author and etc. What was more important to me were not things which books can teach but to understand further about other cultures, how teamwork plays a huge role in an organisation and at the end of the day, everyone is equal no matter what size, colour, gender or nationality. I have built many friendships over my years of studying here which mean the world to me, met many lecturers who despite their busy schedule, made time and opened their ears to listen to what the students had to say and assist them in every way possible. Things which we learn from books can be easily forgotten but the things we experience in life on a daily basis will always be cherished.

I can honestly say, based on all my experiences which I have had the opportunity to acquire from HTMi, has certainly made me the person I am today. So, to answer myself the first day I came, yes, I did make the right choice."

Beng Lim - Malaysia
BSc (Hons) Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management

"My name is Kay, I am a student of HTMi. Studying hospitality and tourism course is like an essential course for everybody who is interested in working in the hotel and tourism industry. Of course we all want better education and experiences to get a better job in the future. As everyone knows, Switzerland is the country, which specializes in hotel and tourism courses, and so I chose HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland to start my future career.

At HTMi I am now studying the Diploma, course which means the second year of the undergraduate programme. Before that, I had six-month internship in a fine dining restaurant in Zurich. Basically, I worked as a service trainee. I was trained to serve there with what I have learned such as the procedure of opening a wine bottle and the way of serving the dish.

For my diploma year, I am currently learning how to make perfect cocktails, all types of long drinks, types of coffees and starting to learn more about history of beverages in the bar and of course in the school’s Swisscafé too. I personally think that, food and beverage is like a perfect match. I cannot just get information of either one or it would not give the guests a great meal experience because they need your recommendation on both food and beverage together.

For next semester, I know there will be much more to learn about hotel management. But I just love to know these things which often are not adopted by staff in hotels and so try to serve and satisfy the needs of guests. At HTMi there will be much more to catch up as time goes on, so I must enhance my knowledge regarding all about hospitality and of course the contemporary issues in hospitality that have happened or will happen soon.

After this course, I would like to work in any five-star hotel in either front office department or any other where I will have direct contact with the guests on the first sight and last so I can probably notice all the likes and dislikes of guests then find out the solutions to improve the hotel operation. I would also like to work in the food and beverage department where I can see the reactions and the satisfactions of all guests every time when the food is being served."

Low Yuan Kay - Malaysia
Higher Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management

"I am Rajiv Nayar from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I am a former BA (hons) Graduate from HTMi. I am currently working with the HTMi on their recruitment in South East Asia. This job has given me the opportunity to travel around South East Asia and learn new cultures and meet a lot of new people.

My student experience at HTMi was amazing. I learned many skills in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Hospitality Operations to equip me to face the ever challenging but yet fun hospitality industry. I will always remember my first day as a student in HTMi where I nervously walk up the steps of the beautiful Hotel Panorama, only to be greeted by some friendly HTMi staff.

It was a heart warming experience for me. During my recruitment in South East Asia, I was asked by a student about on why I talk with HTMi with so much pride. My reply was, It was an amazing school and my late father’s last precious gift to me a “BRIGHT FUTURE”.

I will always be proud to wear the HTMi uniform."

Rajiv Nayar - Malaysia
Marketing Manager, South East Asia