Masters of Arts (MA) in Hotel Business Management

Postgraduate Course

The Masters Class

Requirements of Admission

Students must be aged minimum 20 years old.

Students must hold a Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree or a Postgraduate Diploma in any discipline, OR the student has a minimum of three years suitable experience in the hospitality and tourism industry and have suitable academic qualifications.

HTMi requires that students should reach its required English level , usually by interview/ HTMi English Test or have TOEFL 547 or IELTS 6 or equivalent HTMi Placement Test Score.

Progression Path

  • One Year Programme

    Master of Arts in Hotel Business Management (Double Award: Includes MAPgD)

    Academic Study for 20 weeks.

    Work Placement or Internship up to 20-24 weeks.

    Hotel Business Plan completed by year-end.

Hotel Business Plan Project

The Hotel Business Plan Project is the final stage of the MA in Hotel Business Management.

It challenges students to make a full and comprehensive critical analysis of an entire hotel operation , covering all of the key elements of marketing, finance, strategy, human resources, organisational structure , operations and business analysis.

The project should be completed within the first year of the course , and will need to be approximately 10,000 words in length. Students will have the support of a supervisor to do this.

This may be completed as a two year course by first following either the PgD International Hotel and Tourism Management or the PgD Hotel Events Management.

Contact Hours


Hotel Finance and Control Systems 40 hours
Tourism Management 40 hours
People Management and Performance 40 hours
Modern Hospitality Marketing 40 hours
Service Operations Management 40 hours
Consumer Behaviour 40 hours
Creative Manager 40 hours
German Language 40 hours
Business Planning Methods and Approaches 10 hours

Interested, Whats Next?

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