Welcome to Beautiful Central Switzerland, HTMi and the UNESCO Biosphere

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute is located in Soerenberg in Kanton Luzern. It is one of Switzerland's most beautiful resorts. The location is so beautiful, it has been designated as the only UNESCO biosphere in Switzerland. Students reside, study and train in two picturesque, traditional Swiss hotels, which are furnished to a quality standard reflecting the best values of Swiss life. Students come from all over the world to study hotel management the famous Swiss way. Our students study and train in a real hotel environment.

Our international hotel campus, pictured below, is part of the UNESCO Biosphere of Entlebuch, Luzern, the only one of its kind in Switzerland. It is an area protected for its natural beauty, and is an excellent example of eco-tourism, with tourism and nature in harmony in this wonderful environment.

Each year our students mingle with tourists from more than fifty countries worldwide. In the summer they visit Soerenberg for its beautiful clean, green summer environment, when temperatures can average around 25 degrees centigrade. In winter they visit for the exciting and vibrant environment when Soerenberg become a world-class ski and snow boarding resort.

On behalf of the Hospitality Industry Leaders Advisory Board to HTMi, welcome to this truly wonderful place, the home of HTMi, in a Swiss landscape which is like a beautiful piece of Swiss natural art. " Ian Carr, CEO, HBAI Hirsch Bedner Associates, Global Hotel Interior Designers

Welcome to Soerenberg, the 'Jewel in the Crown of Luzern and is one of the world's most beautiful tourism resorts. Welcome to HTMi!