Alumni Communities

Dear HTMi Future Alumni,

In 2014, the HTMi LinkedIn Alumni Group continues to grow in strength. We currently have over 500 members and this number will grow in the future.

This is a great way for our graduates to stay connected to the school and with each other. The alumni group is updated daily with graduate news, international job offers, and hospitality trends as well as the latest news within the hospitality industry.

This group allows our graduates instant access to global job offers and news that may be useful to their careers and business. The platform also allows our international family of graduates the opportunity to stay in touch with each other and post job openings within their own organisations, something more and more graduates are doing.

The success of the HTMi Alumni Network relies very strongly on the continuing support of its graduates allowing a global reach to past, present and future students.

Part of our drive to remain a Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World and maintaining our innovative lead, is to see the HTMi Alumni Network grow from strength to strength and count on our graduates to use this platform to strengthen their own organisations with highly trained HTMi managers in the future.

Mr. Anthony Lack
President, HTMi Alumni Network

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