Academic Information

HTMi Blend of Swiss Hospitality Education Meeting the Needs of Five-star Hotel Companies

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute offers all students the leading Bachelor and Masters degree, and Swiss-style diplomas. Our curriculum meets the requrements of five-star hotel companies worldwide.

All course are taught in English. Proficiency in English is a necessity for a successful career in the international hotel and tourism industry. HTMi offers a wonderful blend of the prestigioius Swiss-style Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma education, followed by a top quality internationally recognised degree from leading universities. University degrees are available on our international hotel campus.

Our curriculum is always being updated so that our students are ready to work in five-star hotel companies. Many of our faculty have extensive five-star hotel experience and are trained hospitality educators. We work closely with international hotel and leisure chains to ensure we get the balance of classrom tuition, training, personal development and leadership skilles, language skills and much more.

On behalf of the Hospitality Industry Leaders Advisory Board to HTMi, welcome to this truly wonderful place, the home of HTMi, in a Swiss landscape which is like a beautiful piece of Swiss natural art. " Ian Carr, CEO, HBAI Hirsch Bedner Associates, Global Hotel Interior Designers

Path of Academic Success

For high school leavers. 2.5 years Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management (includes paid work placements) followed by a half-year Bachelor (Hons) Degree, awarded by University of Ulster, UK, taught at HTMi. Students who successfully pass the Swiss Higher Diploma and the BSc (Hons.) Degree will concurrently be awarded the Swiss BA Degree in Hotel and Events Management.

For Degree holders. 1 Year Swiss Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management, or Events Management and a 1 year Masters Degree awarded by Edinburgh Napier University and an MBA awarded as HTMi International Hospitality University Degree Switzerland.

Swiss Diplomas and Degrees are awarded by HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute. The Swiss Government requires all hotel schools to meet the high level of Swiss EDUQUA education quality standards. HTMi has the EDUQUA accreditation and certification.

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